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Three start-ups win the Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition

Navigator Consulting and our associated companies are pleased to support the three winners of the 20th Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition: Malloc (first place), BeeHive (second place), and ActiveHub (third place).

Nicosia, Cyprus: 18 December 2020

Three start-ups, out of an initial pool of 36 applicants, have won the 2020 Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition. These are:

First Place

Malloc: A company providing security solutions for mobile telephone handsets.

Second Place

BeeHive: A company providing networking, training and mentorship solutions for students in China.

Third Place

ActiveHub: A company providing a software and communications solution for public organisations.

We will be supporting the winners with business incubation services at our office in Limassol as well as further cash support.

The 2020 CyEC started with the submission and evaluation of 36 applications. These were narrowed down to 10 semi-finalists, of whom 9 entered the acceleration programme. This programme featured support through mentoring and training by a highly proficient group of trainers and mentors.

The final business plan submission and evaluation took place last week. Of the 9 semi-finalists, three finalists were chosen after a pitching and evaluation session.

We are honoured to have taken part and supported this Competition, and look forward to additional support to the Cyprus tech and innovation ecosystem in the future.

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