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The Cyprus Research & Innovation Foundation announces Pre-Seed budget of € 1.2 mln

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

The Cyprus Research & Innovation Foundation (RIF) ( is the national authority in charge of supporting and promoting research, technological development and innovation in Cyprus.

In order to support early-stage start-ups in Cyprus, RIF has announced the 2023 Pre-Seed Programme with a dedicated budget of € 1,200,000 for the development and creation of start-ups in Cyprus.

The Pre-Seed Programme provides equity-free funding of € 119,999 to startups and founder teams selected for implementation, together with additional free-of-charge knowledge transfer and innovation support. No company registration is needed.

According to Mr. Theodoros Loukaidis, Director General of the Cyprus RIF’s:

“the Pre-Seed Programme supports entrepreneurs in the early stage of their journey towards developing game changing products and services that can penetrate in international markets. They can be in any thematic area. They may still be ideas on paper or in the very early stages of product/service development.”

Proposals for participation in the Pre-Seed Programme be submitted via the RIF’s IRIS platform. The deadline for submissions is 3 November 2023.

For more information, interested parties can register for the webinar organised by the RIF on 8 September at 10:30 amCyprus Time.

The Pre-Seed Programme is funded by the European Union and the Cyprus Recovery and Resilience Plan.

Navigator Consulting supports startups based in Cyprus and internationally with business development, fundraising and growth. Please contact us for more information.

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