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The Case Study Method in Business Education

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Philip Ammerman contributed to a textbook entitled “The Case Study Method in Business Education.” This textbook was edited by Philip Ammerman, Aleksandra Gawel, Maciej Pietrzykowski, Rasa Rauktiene and Trevor Williamson, and are based on the experience gained in the 2-year Leonardo da Vinci project “Transfer of experiential and innovative teaching methods for business education”, which took place in the UK, Poland and Lithuania from 2010 – 2012.

The “Cases” project involved developing realistic case studies for management training institutions in Poland and Lithuania. Although the case study method is fairly well embedded in modern business education, most cases used are international and concern well-known examples such as GE, Procter & Gamble, etc.

The objective of the present project was to train business school professors in developing the case study approach using national companies as examples. The training involved two main areas:

  1. Developing the case study approach. This was delivered by Trevor Williamson of Elm House Associates, and an experienced trainer with ecch.

  2. Applying in-company research and analysis methods. This was delivered by Philip Ammerman of Navigator Consulting Group.

As a result of the project, a group of 13 multi-sectoral case studies has been developed, including the following companies:

Poland: Kruk, CompanyX, InLand, Sphinx, Wykrojniki, and Partners for Local Government

Lithuania: Balcikonis Gymnasium, Denticija Dentistry Clinic, E-cito, Shopping Centre Europa, Fermentas Biotechnology, Kraft Foods Lietuva and Paparazzi Night Club

The textbook outlines the experience and approach to case study development taken by the consortium of institutions implementing the project. The chapters include:

Vida Skudiene: Case method education

Aleksandra Gawel: The case study method in entrepreneurial and managerial education in a knowledge-based economy

Maciej Pietrzykowski, Malgorzata Szczyt: Using the case study methd in higher education in Lithuania and Poland

Ilona Buciuniene: Teaching with cases: what makes the teaching-learning process efficient?

Trevor Williamson: Enhancing the quality of the student learning experience through the case method

Margarite Pilkiene: How a faculty should prepare for teaching with cases

Philip Ammerman: Applying the case study approach in a corporate context

Milena Ratajczak-Mrozek: Writing a case study – how to obtain the necessary information and deal with any potential related problems.

The book is available in English, Polish and Lithuania. For further information, please contact Philip Ammerman at

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