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Successful Completion of the 2022 Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition

The third cycle of the Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition initiated by the Centre of Entrepreneurship (C4E) of the University of Cyprus with the support of the Ministry of Energy Commerce and Industry was successfully completed with the announcement of the winning teams, last Wednesday at the University of Cyprus.

All participating teams in the CyEC acceleration program had the chance to pitch their business ideas to the public during the 7th Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum (IEF), organized by the C4E.

This year we made some changes to instill greater motivation, encourage healthy competition and achieve greater impact. The CYEC competition was divided into two prizes:

  • The prize for Best Startup of €17,000 went to Heroes Made, a SaaS platform for Social-Emotional Learning that is marketed at the most direct way to teach SEL in elementary schools. The company combines technology and evidence-based methods to bring all students on an equal footing for success.

  • The prize for Best Startup Idea of € 3,000 went to the team Half Past Five (HPF) for their courageous and humanitarian initiative for proposing an effective pain management system for cancer patients. The company aims to design an alternative way of acknowledging patients' perception of pain for a more targeted treatment.

The evaluation was a two-step process consisting of the grading of each section of the teams' business plan followed by the final pitching of the teams. What played a major role in the final decision was the ability of the teams to convince the judges of the soundness of their idea, the scalability, the teams' formation and their ability to execute.

All participating teams demonstrated great commitment to the acceleration program, overcoming obstacles, demonstrating progress and ability to implement critical feedback.

Navigator Consulting is pleased to support and sponsor the Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition for a third continuous year.

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