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Seven Organisations pledge to train 500,000 talents for the European DeepTech Talent Initiative

The European Institute for Innovation and Technology, the European Commission, and other partners have been working on a flagship initiative under the New European Innovation Agenda to train up to 1,000,000 talents in Deeptech between 2023 and 2025. Information on the DeepTech Talent Initiative can be seen here:

As of April 17th, the DTTI programme has made strong progress:

  • Seven major organisations have joined the DTTI Pledge. These are Abodoo, the Computer Vision Centre, Generation, Intel, Junior Achievement Europe, Tampere University of Applied Sciences, and the Technology University of Cluj Napoca.

  • These seven organisations have pledged to train over 500,000 talents by 2025.

  • Over 50 training courses have been uploaded for information and participation.

The Pledge is open to partners from four main categories:

  • Education and Training providers: Organisations that offer educational and training courses can contribute to the Initiative through their educational programmes.

  • Enterprises or Enterprise Associations: Enterprises that are using or developing deep tech can offer, for example, in-company training for their employees or potential future employees.

  • Financing Partners: Organisations making a contribution for the financing of deep tech education and training.

  • Institutional Partners: Organisations that include national and EU-level public organizations with an interest in deep tech skills development. They can contribute with awareness-raising around the Initiative or launch new projects supporting the goal of one million people trained in deep tech.

The Pledge is voluntary. For more information, please check the Expression of Interest page and procedure here:

Philip Ammerman worked on behalf of the European Institute for Innovation and Technology to develop the Pledge.

For more information on our technology and innovation development services, please contact us.

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