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Polish and Lithuanian Business Clusters complete first part of Intercom Training

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A group of twelve Polish and Lithuanian completed the first of two training courses on internationalisation and commercialisation as part of the InterCom project, co-funded by the European Union’s Leonardo da Vinci Programme.

The training took place in Kaunas, Lithuania, from 15-16 October, and covered the first four of eight training modules, on the following subjects:

  • Internationalisation (Philip Ammerman)

  • Online Marketing (Philip Ammerman)

  • EU Project Management (Maciej Pietrzykowski)

  • Negotiation Skills (Sarunas Pundzius)

The following clusters are taking part in the InterCom project:

  • Kaunas Aviation Cluster, Lithuania

  • Lithuanian Bio Power Plant Cluster

  • Lithuanian Fruit and Vegetable Cluster

  • iVita Cluster, Lithuania

  • Anykščiai Tourism Cluster, Lithuania

  • Lubuski Metal Cluster, Poland

  • Wielkopolsa Furniture Cluster, Poland

  • Lezno Poligrafia Cluster, Poland

  • Architectural Glass Association, Poland

  • Poznan Metal Processing Cluster, Poland

  • Poznan Educational Cluster, Poland

  • SpeedupIncubator, Poland

Following the training, action learning on the subject of developing online marketing strategies designed to support the process of internationalisation.

The InterCom project is funded by the European Union’s Lifelong Learning Programme.

For additional information, please contact Philip Ammerman.

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