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Philip Ammerman to speak at the Best Legal Conference in Limassol, 24 September

The rapid growth in enterprise resources platforms and Software-as-a-Service applications is radically transforming how legal firms and professional service providers work. We will be supporting the Best Legal Conference through providing two one-hour training sessions on digital workflow management and content marketing. Each session is specifically adapted to legal firms. For further information, please consult the conference website:

Philip's training subjects include:

Optimizing Digital Workflow and Customer Experience

September 22, 2022: 14:15 – 15:15

Four Seasons Hotel, Limassol: Conference Room 2

The communications and workflow management of many Cypriot service providers remains asynchronous and deeply rooted in a pre-digital past. Workflow is often disrupted by questions and answers posed on email or telephone calls, or by inefficient communications and document management.

This one-hour training will provide a blueprint for organizing and optimizing digital workflow and customer experience for Cyprus legal firms. It will include recommendations for using off-the-shelf digital tools such as Asana, Mailchimp or Dropbox, or using custom solutions with greater efficiency. It will include methods of anticipating customer questions as well as standardizing their response so that all customers can benefit from common issues and questions. Finally, it will address issues of digital and communications hygiene: how to organize workflow to enhance productivity and avoid the productivity impact of constant communications.

Content Marketing and SEO for Legal Firms in Cyprus September 22, 2022: 16:45-17:45 Four Seasons Hotel, Limassol: Conference Room 1

Although a ban on directly advertising legal services exists in Cyprus, there is no such ban on writing online content such as news or articles explaining the application of Cypriot and EU law. Yet many Cypriot legal firms overlook the role of content marketing, especially when paired with search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

This one-hour training will explain the foundations of content marketing on websites and social media. It will review aspects of the Google algorithm for ranking content and recommend what kind of content should be created by legal firms in order to rank for certain keywords.

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