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Navigator starts market analysis of the German wine sector

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Navigator has been commissioned by a chamber of commerce and industry to implement a market analysis of the German wine sector.

The objective of the analysis is to identify export opportunities and methods for national wine producers in the German wine market. The provisional report structure is:

Germany Macroeconomic Profile

  • Population and major cities

  • GDP, current in value terms and PPP

  • Consumer disposable income

  • Employment and unemployment

German Wine Sector Review

  • Major German wine producing regions

  • Major grape varieties

  • German Wine production overview

  • German Wine Prices and brands

German Wine Consumption

  • Wine imports to Germany by country of origin and type

  • Wine exports from Germany by country of destination and type

  • Total market size (domestic production + imports – exports)

Detailed German Wine Import Assessment

  • Wine imports by country

  • Wine imports by wine type (red, white, rose, sparkling)

  • Wine imports by packaging size (glass bottle, PET bottle, bag-in-box)

Contacts of Major German Wine Importers and Distributors

  • Contact Lists

  • Other contacts, e.g. media firms

Marketing Planning

  • Identification of the most suitable wine import segments

  • Wine pricing analysis

  • Minimum order sizes

  • Transport issues

  • Export marketing plan

  • Online marketing plan

  • Export budget

For further information, please contact Philip Ammerman on

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