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Navigator recruiting Online Marketing Expert

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Navigator Consulting is recruiting an online marketing expert for a 6-month contract, extendible to a longer duration.

The position will be based in Athens, Greece, and will involve work for a specific client in the international medical services sector. The objective of the online marketing assignment is to:

  • Analyse client operations for material of interest to two customers groups: B2C customers (patients) and B2B customers (doctors and medical clinics)

  • General news releases on client operations, including corporate events, doctor news, patients and other items of interest

  • Implement online public relations campaigns via mail shots, press releases and social media postings

  • Manage a targeted social media campaign designed to raise interest in the client and their operations and staff

  • Optimise all web content for search engine results

  • Manage an online pay-per-click campaign using Google Adwords

Extensive training will be provided in all areas. The online marketing consultant does not need a detailed technical background.

Qualifications and competencies of the consultant include:

  • Strong fluency in English: written, spoken, reading. The consultant must be able to draft 250-400 word press-releases and articles in draft format and engage in clear written email communications

  • Ability to analyse and understand a specific medical sector, involving advanced surgery, from a press / PR viewpoint

  • Ability to interact and communicate with a wide stakeholder group of over 10 managers and over 30 doctors in the United States and other locations

  • Ability to manage their work independently, meeting deadlines and delivering results

  • A high degree of personal integrity and accountability

  • A bachelor’s degree in any subject

The position will involve extensive time working online: the consultant must have their own laptop and be able to spend several hours per day working online.

Fluency in Greek would be an added advantage.

The position will start in December 2013 and last until May 2014. Subject to successful performance, the position may either be renewed at Navigator, or the consultant will also have the choice to transfer directly to our client.

Interested candidates are invited to send their CVs and a short writing sample to Philip Ammerman on by 30 November 2013.

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