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Navigator recruiting a pharmaceutical sales and distribution consultant

Navigator Consulting Group is seeking a strategic analysis to join our consultancy team for a 1-week strategic audit of a pharmaceutical distribution company (“The Company”, hereafter). This project occurs within the framework of an investment review of the Company.

The Company is located in the former Soviet Union, and includes a central office and warehouse as well as a number of regional distribution centres. Travel will be required to two cities in the specific country.

The Company imports and distributes generic pharmaceutical products. In addition to its national distribution centre, it stocks a wide network of pharmacies, and has online B2B sales for these pharmacies.

The consultant will travel and work in a larger term including a managing partner and a senior consultant of Navigator Consulting Group. A translator / interpreter will be provided.

Project Tasks

  1. To implement a strategic review of the Company based on its sales and distribution strategy, including its choice of products and manufacturers.

  2. To review and analysis the strategy expressed by the Company, including elements such as price competitiveness, sales network, product pricing and product profitability.

  3. To review the competitiveness of the Company in light of the pharma distribution system and general sector in the target country (additional information on the country and competitors to be provided in a written report).

  4. To review the likely future development of the Company in light of the economic crisis and the consolidation expected in the sector.

Consultant Qualifications

  1. At least 10-15 years professional experience in branded or generic pharmaceutical sales and operations.

  2. Specific experience in the distribution and marketing of generic pharmaceuticals would be an advantage.

  3. Experience in emerging economies, preferably in the former Soviet Union.

  4. Excellent English language communications skills: all reporting will be in English.

  5. A university degree or advanced professional certification is preferred.

Mission Planning & Logistics

The mission will take place in early September. The consultant will work within a larger team of consultants with prior experience with the client.

We envisage an initial on-site mission of 5 days, followed by 2-3 days of reporting in the consultant’s home office.

All flights, hotels, etc. will be pre-paid.

The fee will be agreed and based on a legal contract.

The fee will be paid immediately at the successful conclusion of the mission and submission (and acceptance) of the report components requested from the consultant.

The presence of the consultant may be required for a presentation at a later date: a separate contract will be signed because we cannot predict when this will be.

CV Submissions

Interested candidates are invited to submit their CVs in English as soon as possible to:

Philip Ammerman

The accepted candidate will be informed within 1 week of submission.

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