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Navigator recruiting a Communications and Content Manager

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Navigator Consulting Group is a recruiting a Communications and Content Manager, to be based in Limassol, Cyprus. This is an Associate Consultant position that can evolve into a partner-track position depending on performance.

Please send your CV and representative writing samples (news item, article, etc) as text or links to info[at] by 15 June 2017.

Interviews and assessment will take place in June 2017 on a first-come, first-serve basis, in Limassol. The successful candidate will start work in September 2017.

Role and Responsibilities

Your role will be to generate content, primarily news articles in the fields of business, technology and innovation. In addition to content for Navigator, you will develop articles and news items for client projects, as well as for various companies in our group, including:

Common themes of interest include:

  • Investments, business and economic developments taking place in Greece, Cyprus and other countries where we work;

  • Technological and innovation developments;

  • European Union programmes and policies;

  • Announcements for start-up competitions, internships, scholarships, conferences and other items for our wider community and network;

  • News from our projects;

  • Client news, primarily in the tourism field.

Your responsibilities will be varied, but will include:

  1. Developing monthly and weekly content generation and posting schedules in conjunction with partners in our firm;

  2. Writing content: news items are typically 1-2 pages; articles are longer;

  3. Revising content under editing guidance;

  4. Support for generating newsletters (monthly and ad-hoc) as well as managing our client database;

  5. Posting to websites;

  6. Cross-posting to social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter);

  7. Management of social media channels (monitoring, third-party content cross-posting, alerting to comments);

  8. Online promotion of specific events, such as conferences, training programmes or projects that we are implementing;

  9. Communications with individual clients or client segments;

  10. Participation in and co-organisation of conferences and events;

  11. Contribution to proposal writing;

  12. Contribution to book or book chapter writing and research.

What are we Looking For?

The candidate we are looking for will be able to exhibit the following behaviours:

  • Young in Years and Outlook: We are looking for younger, enthusiastic staff members that can readily understand what we do and support us in generating new ideas and bringing positive energy to our firm. There is no upper or lower age limit, but we do need people capable of high energy and who are opening to learning.

  • Curious: We are looking for candidates that are intellectually curious about the world, and in particular the intersection of politics, business investment and technology, which is where most of our projects take place. Our field of business is changing every day, so you need to be curious and open to learning.

  • Open-minded and Objective: We need people capable of being objective, avoiding stereotypes or intellectual laziness.

  • Analytical: In an age of “fake news”, we require all associates to be vigilant and capable of deep analysis. You need to understand how to evaluate and cross-check online news, press releases, and other content sources.

  • Capable of Growth: We need people who can adapt, evolve and grow in this job, possibility taking on additional roles or transferring into project-based roles as needed. This is a partner-track position, pending results.

  • Results-Oriented: Please note that we need results. Our Communication & Content Manager will be able to write quickly and effectively, producing good copy each day. This is not an academic or theoretical position.

  • Capable of meeting Deadlines: In line with the results-orientation behaviour above, we do emphasize the need to meet deadlines.

  • Responsible: We are a fast-moving, fast-growing company that depends on real contributions from all partners and associates. You must take responsibility for your actions, work and outlook.


Formal qualifications are desirable and include:

  • University Degree: A minimum Bachelor’s degree from a higher education or vocational institution. While a degree in and of itself is not necessary, it does show a commitment towards a structured process of thinking, and a commitment to results. Your degree can be in any field: English, journalism, communications, business, engineering, art history … what counts is that you meet the behaviours and growth potential previously listed.

  • Excellent command of the English language. Our primary work language is English.

  • Understanding of Greek language, if possible. Some of our primary source materials are in Greek, so some knowledge of Greek language is desirable. We can waive this requirement for an excellent English speaker who can begin Greek language classes or familiarisation.

  • Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint (or equivalent). We are, sadly, slaves to compound documents. Our main requirement is for good MS Word use. If you are working in an Apple or Google Docs environment, you will need to change to MS Word. We can train you in the rest.

  • Knowledge of Online Environment. You need to be able to operate in an online environment, including social media. We will provide training in this.

  • Drivers Licence and Car. You may be requested to visit clients, conferences, and other situations where your personal vehicle or a rented vehicle will be needed. All expenses will be compensated.

  • Valid Passport and Ability to Travel: Please note that some events take place in Cyprus (different cities), while other events take place in Athens, London, New York and elsewhere. You must be able to travel for short trips (usually up to 1 week).

What we Offer

  1. Exposure to state-of-the-art analysis and communications on business, investment, political economy and technology in Greece, Cyprus, Europe and beyond.

  2. Stable salary and performance bonus.

  3. Opportunity for partial home-based work, after initial trial period and first evaluations.

  4. Membership in a dynamic team that handles exciting projects in the real economy.

  5. Systematic training, development and performance evaluation.

  6. Opportunity for a partnership track.


You will receive a one-week induction course in the role requirements, in areas such as:

  • Key account management and customer experience management

  • Content writing and editing

  • Keyword selection and optimisation

  • Other search engine optimisation and image processing

  • Using content management systems for online publishing

  • Using Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn

  • Using Mailchimp, Slideshare, Issuu and others

  • Online promotion using Facebook and Google Adwords

  • Online analytics using Google Analytics and Google Console

Continuing training and evaluation takes place during the year.

Partnership Track

This is an optional partnership track position, meaning that successful performers have every opportunity in becoming a co-shareholder of our firm.

Successful performers will be able to take responsibility for:

  • Proposal writing and management

  • Project management

  • Key account management

  • General communications and outreach.

This process would take place over time, and will be based entirely on your professional performance and results.

Taking this opportunity depends on your own performance and objectives, as well as the evaluation of existing partners. This track is optional: candidates who are happy remaining in the field of communications and content management are welcome to remain in their selected role.

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