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Navigator launches NavInvest Greece

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Despite the Greek economic crisis which started in 2010, today Greece continues to attract investor interest. A key problem is the lack of qualified and objective information on Greek investment opportunities.

This is due to a number of factors, not least of which is the fact that Greek investment and tax legislation changes frequently, which much information may be in the Greek language and does not easily make it into English.

In order to address this asymmetry, Navigator Consulting has launched NavInvest Greece.

This is an online platform (currently in beta version) dedicated to investing in Greece.

The objectives are NavInvest Greece are to:

  1. Educate investors and other stakeholders on the investment potential, structure and modalities of investing in Greece;

  2. Provide a central database of live, pre-screened investment opportunities in multiple sectors;

  3. Provide news analysis and in-depth sectoral reporting on investments in Greece and related issues such as Greek taxes and economic development.

NavInvest Greece is in the English language and has launched in beta. We are currently building up our team of analysts and project coordinators, and will be reverting with more information as we head towards full market launch.

Together with the Athens Investment Summit and the Forum d’Athenes, this is one of several initiatives we are taking to support Greece in its effort to reform and grow.

If you are interested in listing our investment project or cooperating with us, please contact us.

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