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Navigator hiring part-time content analyst / editor

We are searching for a responsible, independent content manager / editor who can work from their home location. The compensation is 10 Euros per hour, for 30 hours per month (EUR 300 / month).

The responsibilities include:

1. Weekly monitoring of a list of employment and project websites;

2. Cross-posting selected content from these sites into our content management system.

The content includes:

  • Recruitment Notices

  • Project Notices

  • News

  • Related Content

On average, it takes about 1 minute to cross-post one notice. The minimum performance we are looking for is 20 notifications per hour, or one notice roughly every 3 minutes.

All work is in English language.

The qualifications of the business analyst are the following:

  1. Fluency in English language. All our work is in English;

  2. Ability to read through/scan complex documentation and extract key information;

  3. The ability to comply with a standard reporting procedure according to a regular schedule throughout the working day and week;

  4. Ability to manage your time and motivate yourself;

  5. You will need to be online at regular intervals so we can communicate with you and monitor work.

The analyst must have a strong sense of personal responsibility, and be able to prioritise work commitments in a structured way.

The work is repetitive and we ask that anyone responding to this post understand that they need to maintain productivity in each hour worked.

Because of the repetitive nature of the job, we suggest working 1 hour per day. If you will take vacation time or need to schedule more specific hours, we are fine as long as:

- You maintain the productivity standards;

- We are sure there will be content uploaded every week.

We will train you online using Zoom and pay you for your training time.

At the beginning of the assignment, we will expect a lower posting rate for the first 2 weeks until you become productive and familiar with the work.

All payments will be in Euros and will be made by bank transfer or Revolut. All payments will be made against a legal invoice. Please note that our home country is Cyprus. We will pay all fees associated with the transfer.

To apply, please send an email with your CV and a brief cover letter to We expect work to begin in October 2022.

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