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Navigator Consulting delivers training on Turn Around Management in Cyprus

Navigator Consulting Group delivered a training programme on Turn Around Management for Small Enterprises in Nicosia, Cyprus. Led by Philip Ammerman, the training was attended by 12 small enterprises representing a cross-section of the Cypriot economy.

Nicosia, Cyprus: 8 October 2020

The training held on the 6-7 October 2020 and was organized in a cooperation with the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Representatives from 12 small enterprises attended the training. The training will be followed by company visits with a purpose to consult companies how key principles of Turn Around Management / Financial Crisis Management could be adapted to the specific company.

The objective of the training programme was to support small enterprises develop turn around and crisis management methods based on robust financial analysis of their operations.

The training used the concept of turn-around management, together with strategic analysis such as Porter’s Value Chain and Competitive Advantage models, as well as financial analysis and risk analysis.

The Turn Around Management/Financial Crisis Management in Small Enterprises training programme covered the following topics:

  • The Financial Crisis;

  • Strategic Management;

  • Risk Management;

  • Operational & Financial Modelling;

  • Corporate Finance;

  • Cost of Sales Analysis;

  • Turn-Around Management;

  • Customer Segmentation;

  • Optimising Production and Operations;

  • Optimising Distribution & Logistics;

  • Setting Priorities: The Hundred Days

Along with the theoretical background information, participants were introduced with the Case Studies on Customer Segmentation & Salesforce Performance Incentives and Production Cell Development and others.

The training was delivered by Philip Ammerman. Philip is an experienced consultant and entrepreneur who has advised companies through a series of catastrophic downturns as well as high growth periods. He has worked through the 1998 Russian sovereign debt crisis, the 1999-2000 dot com crash, the 2000 stock market crash in Cyprus, the 2008 banking crisis, the 2010-2018 Greek debt crisis, the 2013 Cyprus bail-in crisis and the current COVID-19 Pandemic. He has advised on over 120 business plans, corporate restructurings, mergers and recovery plans worth over € 6 billion.

For further information, please contact us.

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