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Navigator completes Digital Advertising Training in Cyprus

In April – May 2021, Navigator Consulting completed a training course entitled Managing Digital Advertising Campaigns for Small Enterprises in Cyprus. The course provided managers of SMEs in Cyprus with a strategic approach and specific tools for creating and managing digital advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Nicosia, Cyprus: 28 June 2021

The Digital Advertising training and consultancy programme attracted 14 small enterprises representing a multi-sectoral audience including tourism, property, manufacturing, and shipping firms. Following a 2-day training programme held on Zoom, each company received a full-day consulting visit where the topics covered during the training were applied to that firm.

The training included the following topics:

  • Strategic Advertising

  • Audience Definition

  • Message Definition

  • Technical Copywriting

  • Google Adwords PPC Campaign

  • Conversion Seminar & Workshop

  • Understanding Display Marketing

  • Facebook Display Advertising

  • Google Display Advertising

  • Video Display Advertising

  • Reinforcing the Message

  • Digital Advertising Action Plan

The following tools were demonstrated during the training:

  • MS Excel for Budgeting

  • Facebook Advertising

  • Facebook Audience Insights

  • Google Adwords Keyword Tool Finder

  • Google Adwords: PPC

  • Google Adwords: Display Network

  • Google Console – Analytics and Backlink Tracker

  • Google Analytics

  • Youtube Advertising Framework

  • Instagram Advertising (on Facebook)

  • LinkedIn Advertising

  • Video Editing Software

The in-company consultations applied the knowledge gained during the classroom training on how key principles of Digital Advertising could be adapted to each participating company.

Our training programme was created to meet an increasing demand for online advertising services from our clients in Cyprus who face a number of challenges in managing their online advertising spending in areas such as:

  • Audience Definition and Selection

  • Messaging

  • Channel Selection

  • Calls-to-Action and Conversion

  • Budgeting, Spend and ROI

If you are interested in organising a digital advertising training programme or consultation for your company or institution, please contact us.

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