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Navigator commences study on workforce training systems for the Inter-American Development Bank

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Navigator consultant Philip Ammerman has been chosen to implement an international study in the efficiency and quality of training systems for employed workers in the OECD region.

The main objective of the study is to identify and evaluate instruments, mechanisms and policy trends in OECD economies which ensure and improve the quality, relevance, sufficiency, efficiency and impact of workforce training.

The study will develop cases from workplace training, sector/council/union training, public or private experience, OECD and Asian experience and any other relevant cases relating to the actively-employed workforce. The study will compare and contrast these methods with those of the Latin American and Caribbean region in order to improve quality, efficiency and impact of training methods and schemes in these countries.

Among the questions to be answered include:

  • How do enterprises, managers and workers decide to invest in training?

  • What constraints exist, e.g. liquidity, equity, productivity, etc?

  • How do advance economies warrant that sufficient resources are invested in training?

  • How is duplication and lack of coordination of training programmes and inputs avoided at the sectoral, regional and national levels?

  • How is efficiency defined and monitored? What is the link between financing resources and efficiency?

  • What issues among training providers influence training quality?

This is Navigator’s first project for the Inter-American Development Bank. It builds on existing research implemented by Navigator in the field of education and training, notably our study of the financing of vocational education and training in Greece and Cyprus, as well as our evaluation of the Lisbon Goals for vocational education and training in the European Union.

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