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Navigator begins work on AI-powered skills matching system

Navigator Consulting has been chosen by an EU Agency to implement a systems analysis, specifications design and vendor review for an AI-powered skills matching system.

The objective is to support a large-scale project website develop a uniform approach for searching for:

  • Expert CVs

  • Education and training courses

  • Job offers

  • Other content such as conferences, scholarships, etc.

By using a large language model for content identification, vectorisation, clustering and analysis, the AI system will enable natural text searches and data entry without the requirement for extensive user meta-tagging of data.

As such, it will enable natural data entry by tens of thousands of users from all over Europe, focussing on a single language (English) and with a focus on deeptech jobs and education.

An important part of the work is to address terminology which is not yet widely in place. While a number of databases exist, notable the European Statistical Classification of Economic Activities (NACE) or the European Skills, Competencies and Occupations (ESCO) database, these do not yet include a comprehensive system for many deep tech professions, skills or occupations.

The project includes:

  • Current website analysis

  • Business logic development

  • Specifications development

  • Vendor review

  • Vendor analysis and selection.

The project is being implemented from August – October 2023.

Please contact us for further information.

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