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Mr. Nikos Drandakis to present Taxibeat at the Athens Investment Summit

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Mr. Nikos Drandakis is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Taxibeat, a mobile application that allows users to select and hail their taxi online without phone calls.

Mr. Drandakis will present at the Athens Investment Summit about his experience within the Greek start-up and investment ecosystem and the challenges and opportunities Greek entrepreneurs face in internationalisation and early growth capital.

Mr. Drandakis launched Taxibeat in 2011 with 3 co-founders, receiving a total of $ 8 million in seed funds and subsequent funding rounds by the Openfund.

Seeing the prevailing economic crisis in Greece as an opportunity for innovative ideas, Mr. Drandakis managed to turn the concept into a profitable international business. Today, Taxibeat is rated a prime example of high-profile success within the Greek ICT start-up scene, having expanded to London, New York, Lima, and other markets.

With a technical background as a programmer, Mr. Drandakis founded his first tech start-up in the late 1990s with, a B2B marketplace allowing businesses to order their supplies online. After selling his first company two years later, he and 2 co-founders launched in 2006, a blog aggregator and social networking app for bloggers in Greece.

Besides building his own businesses, Mr. Drandakis worked as Business Development Manager for Profile S.A.; social media consultant for iTeam; and as Digital Head of Action Global Communications in Greece and Cyprus.  He is guest lecturer at the Communication and Advertising Laboratory of Panteion University in Athens.

The Athens Investment Summit is a practioner-focussed investment conference that will take place at the Grande Bretagne Hotel on 26 February 2016. Organised by Navigator Consulting Group, the summit will present an objective view of the opportunities and risks of investing in Greece. Please contact us for further information or participation.

26 February 2016  |  Grande Bretagne Hotel

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