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Meet us at Web Summit in Lisbon on 13-16 November 2023

Navigator Consulting is pleased to announce our participation at the Lisbon Web Summit on 13-16 November 2023.

We are in particularly grateful to have two of our startups accepted at the Web Summit Alpha Programme for startups: Nina Technologies and GR1T.

  • Nina Technologies is an intelligent ordering and payment system that improves workforce productivity and analytics in the HORECA chain. Based in Cyprus, Nina processed some € 50,000 and 2,000 orders per day in August. In 2024, we will be supporting the internationalisation of Nina and its expansion into two additional countries.

  • GR1T is an all-electric, lightweight motorcycle that offers best-in-class performance. Designed, engineered and produced in Germany, GR1T will be launched at the EICMA Motorcycle Exhibition in Milan in November 2023 and will be profiled at Web Summit. We are currently fundraising to support our full-scale sales operations.

Web Summit is the largest tech conference in the world, gathering more than 900 speakers, 2,300 startups, 1,000 investors, 2,500 global journalists and 70,000 attendees.

The stages cover topics ranging from deep tech and data science to design and environmental sustainability.

At Web Summit we will be:

  • Fundraising for Nina Technologies and GR1T.

  • Gaining media interest and contacts in our existing and new startups.

  • Networking with other founders and angel investors.

  • Updating ourselves on the state-of-the-art in emerging technology.

We are dedicating additional time for networking and meetings at Web Summit, in particular on 17-18 November.

Please feel free to contact us to arrange a meeting in Lisbon or online.

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