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Maria Aristidou - Launch of International Investment Promotion Campaign

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Navigator Consulting Group is committed to entrepreneurship. Under our Entrepreneurship Charter, we have resolved to either start one new company per year to 2020, or to support the launch of other companies and entrepreneurs.

One of the most brilliant entrepreneurs we have encountered in recent years is Maria Aristidou. A solo fashion designer based in Cyprus, Maria’s designs are based on her vision of classic elegance to avant-garde provocative perceptions.

Her collections encompass a variety of  luxurious fabrics such as silks, cashmeres and wools of premium quality. Her work regarding the latest innovative fabrics with ecological and sustainable techniques, are securing her as a forerunner in new fabric development.

Today, we have launched an international investment promotion campaign to attract working capital necessary for her international expansion. This is based on expanding her collection and starting sales to international luxury retailers.

Prior to this, Navigator has provided pro bono consulting services under our Entrepreneurship Charter which include:

a. Identification of the investment concept and competitive advantage

b. Resolution of the marketing and sales strategy and budget

c. Business planning and investment forecast

d. Profit/Loss forecasting

For further information, please contact Philip Ammerman on

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