InterCom holds fourth Steering Committee Meeting

The InterCom project completed its fourth Steering Committee meeting at Navigator Consulting Partners’ offices in London on 7-8 July 2015.

Since January 2014, the InterCom project has been working with a group of business clusters in Poland and Lithuania to improve their commercialisation, internationalisation and online marketing skills. This project takes place at a time when many business clusters in Europe are struggling to gain economies of scale and support their members through export-led growth and internationalisation.

Project achievements to date include:

  • Implementing a business cluster competency assessment to determine training needs

  • Designing and implementing two action learning training programmes covering eight modules;

  • Providing consultancy support for internationalisation and online marketing of business cluster services.

The Steering Committee meeting is the fourth such meeting in the project, and offered the participants a chance to take stock of achievements to date and work still to be done.

We are currently working on transforming the eight training modules into an e-Learning programme, which will be hosted on a Learning Management Platform. This process is currently in beta testing, and we hope to launch it in September 2015.

Attending the meeting were:

  • Aleksandra Cicha, Wielkopolska Chamber of Commerce & Industry

  • Danuta Labrzycka, Wielkopolska Chamber of Commerce & Industry

  • Dr. Maciej Pietrzykowski, Foundation Partners for Local Government

  • Sarunas Pundzius, Lithuanian Human Capital Research & Development Foundation

  • Philip Ammerman, Navigator Consulting Partners LLP

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