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Greek Island for Sale

The Greek financial crisis is causing the sale of a number of assets which until now could not be brought onto the market due to privacy or valuation concerns. One such asset is an island located in the Corinthian Gulf of Greece, which is owned by two Greek families that have taken the decision to sell.

This is a family-owned Island in the Corinthian Gulf of Greece, with clear title deeds. Area is 100,000 square meters and can build 800 square meters. Price: € 4.5 million. The Island has an elevation of of 22 meters and is located in a sheltered part of the Gulf of Corinth 500 m from the mainland.

The island has three structures on it with 200 square meter area. It has planning permission to build a further minimum 600 square meters without a change in zoning. It is also possible to also apply for a zoning change for commercial structures with a minimum of 1000 square meters.

An old stone house sits on the northern beach. This can be re-built with no change in planning permission providing the external facade is retained.

The island is in a good location with clean water, and shelter from the wind. There is abundant topsoil, with mature pine trees, olive trees and brush growing.

The waters are crystal-clear and unpolluted. The island has its own water source, but this will have to be supplemented with potable water shipped in and stored in reservoirs.

Athens Airport is 2.5 hours drive away. Patras is a 30 minute drive away.

This is an interesting opportunity given the title deeds and construction potential. Unlike islands purchased by the Emir of Qatar, this island has topsoil, is situation close to a main highway, is close to Athens and Patras, is in a sheltered location, and has shore infrastructure (marina, electricity lines, water mains).

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View from the North. The island has 3 structures currently build, and abundant topsoil and vegetation.

A red pebble beach exists on the northern shore of the Island.

The Island has a historic building which can be rebuilt providing the facade is kept.

The Island is located in a sheltered location with crystal-clear waters.

This data is provided for information only and is not a recommendation or a solicitation to purchase or invest.

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