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Global FDI Reports publishes an Investment and Economic Survey of Greece

Global FDI Reports has developed a survey of investments and economic development in Greece. This has been published by Die Welt and is available online here.

Greece: 2019

Relevant interviews and articles include:

An Overview on why to Invest in Greece

Building on the improvement of its fiscal reputation, Greece is stepping up efforts to support FDI by cutting taxes, reducing red tape, and accelerating privatisation. Georgios Filipoulos, CEO of Enterprise Greece, observes that most of the Fast Track projects are in tourism assets or renewable energy production. Returning to international bond markets as recent as 2017, Greece is seen as a bargain investment destination. To date, the largest beneficiary of Greece’s recovery has been its tourism industry, which, Filiopoulos says, is now one of the hottest sectors for hotel and resort investments in Europe. More

A Review of Greece’s € 44 bln Green Energy Transition

Last December, Greece made an ambitious step in order to fully align with the European Green Deal. Through the government’s € 44 bln National Energy and Climate Strategy, Greece raised its renewable energy generation target to 35% of total energy mix by 2030. According to Kostis Hatzidakis, Minister of Environment and Energy, “If you combine this target with the decarbonization policy, you will understand that Greece wants to become a green pioneer in the EU”. At the heart of Greece’s decarbonisation policy is a multipronged effort to tackle fossil fuels, which currently contribute 70% to national energy generation. More

A Review of HRADF’s Plan to raise € 20 bln from Privatisations

Established in 2011, the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund manages the privatisation of state-owned assets in Greece. To date, HRADF has raised about € 9 bln in revenues and there are plans to receive another €20 bn over the next few years through concession payments, dividends and capital expenditure. CEO Riccardo Lambritis points out another major success for HRADF has been the ability to attract the investors for smaller projects, which have had a profound impact on local community development. According to Lambritis, currently 10 privatisations are currently active and expected to reach 15 by the end of the year. More

An Overview on Tourism in Greece

Tourism is a pillar of the Greek economy, accounting for over 20% of GDP. Last year the country received a record-setting 33 mln visitors, yet tourism remains highly seasonal and concentrated on the islands. Minister of Tourism Harry Theoharis explains the country’s vision for a more diversified and modern industry that will incorporate important aspects such as sustainability and accessibility. More

A Review of Development Projects in Greece

According to Minister Adonis Georgiadis, the Hellinikon Project, on the former airport site, will test Greece’s ability to handle large-scale investments. He states, that one of the biggest recent successes was that “…we helped the US investment giant Blackstone invest in this country for the first time”. More

An interview with the CEO of Sunlight Robby Bourlas

Olympia Group is a leader in the Greek business world and a key contributor to the Greek national economy across its business streams. With a company philosophy centered on innovation, Sunlight contributes to Greece’s local economies and is a model of thriving Greek manufacturing industry. More

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