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ECN Junior Business Analyst Recruitment Notice

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Application Deadline: Monday, 25 February 2013

The European Consulting Network (ECN) is a business intelligence service launched by Navigator Consulting Group. ECN provides strategic business intelligence to international clients, including consultancies, universities, research institutes and individual experts.

In order to replace a departing staff member, we are recruiting a full-time junior business analyst. The responsibilities of this position include:

  • Continual review of a list of websites in the English language;

  • Download and editing of recruitment information into an online database;

  • Posting news on a daily basis

  • Developing a weekly newsletter to members

  • Review and editing of additional business information submitted by members

  • Additional promotional work as needed

The qualifications of the junior business analyst are the following:

  • Strong fluency in English reading, writing and speech;

  • Ability to read through/scan complex documentation and extract key information according to a pre-established format and standard;

  • The ability to comply with a standard reporting procedure according to a regular, consistent schedule throughout the working day and week;The ability to work independently, set personal deadlines and work effectively;

  • The ability to use the Microsoft Office and Windows applications;The analyst must have a strong sense of personal responsibility, and be able to prioritise work commitments in a structured way.

We are employing an independent professional for this position. You must be in a position to work full-time, and issue an invoice for services provided.

We offer a starting salary of LTS 1,600 per month, for 12 months employment per year (approximately LTS 1,247 net after tax deductions). Working hours of flexible: the analyst will work from home or other location for a short period until we are able to arrange an office space.

A bonus will be issued based on successful performance. A trial period of 2 months is in effect

Employment will start as soon as possible. Please respond with your English-language CV and a short cover letter by Monday, 25 February 2013 to:

Mr. Philip Ammerman

Managing Partner

ECN Business Intelligence LLP

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