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Digital Transformation Training completed in Nicosia

Friday, 1 October 2021

A 2-day Digital Transformation training programme was completed in Nicosia by Navigator Consulting, implemented for the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The objective of the training programme was to prepare enterprises for the strategic implementation of digital transformation using a coherent approach and project management techniques.

We define Digital Transformation (DX) as:

A strategic process that converts business processes, work activities and business models to an online environment until the company is a fully networked digital organisation.

By fully-networked, we refer to the transparent and integrated control of data, resources and human work. This networking applies not only to the internal environment and processes of the company, but to those processes linking a company to its customers, suppliers and other strategic partners.

A key component of the training was the use of project management techniques. Our experience shows us that companies that are able to prioritise and implement digital projects need a strong culture of project management. This extends throughout traditional organizational silos, and breaks down traditional forms of management and control.

We looked in depth at Waterfall and Agile project management techniques and discussed how these:

  • Contributed to the success or failure of digital initiatives;

  • Brought collateral benefits to traditional management culture and techniques in enterprises.

A further key component of the training was using third-party SaaS tools as an example of digital transformation. We reviewed a number of platforms, including Asana, Bitrix24, Jira, various Zoho applications, Facebook and others.

This demonstrated instantly how management culture, strategic decisions and decision-making and task management became transparent, and often required changes as a result.

We discussed the make or buy decision in depth. Should enterprises make their own software applications? Or buy in existing applications? How should data be secured online? How should the contractual relationship between a software vendor and a client be structured? What are some of the risks and benefits of using online SaaS platforms?

We were happy to see maximum attendance at the event. A total of 19 enterprises and 25 executives attended the training. The companies spanned a cross-section of Cypriot enterprises, including:

  • Retail and distribution (multiple segments, including IT, cosmetics, healthcare)

  • Cybersecurity

  • Education

  • Fiduciary Services

  • Insurance Services

  • Media and Travel Organisations

  • a Public Authority

This was the fifth iteration of the training programme, but the first live training after the 2020-2021 COVID lockdowns. The training took place using hygienic measures, but it was a relief to be training a live group after so many months of online training.

We now start a process of in-company consultations, where each participating company has the benefit of a full-day in-house consultation for their specific requirements. One of the outcomes we anticipate from this will be a Digital Transformation Road Map developed for each company.

For further information on our Digital Transformation consultancy and training services, please contact us.


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