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Cubico Investments purchases 24.6 MW Wind Farms in Greece

Cubico Sustainable Investments (Cubico), a leader and global investor in renewable energy, has completed the acquisition three operational onshore wind farms in Greece. The wind farms, with a combined capacity of 24.65 MW, are located in Lakonia, Peloponnese.

Athens, Greece: 3 June 2020

London-based Cubico Sustainable Investments (Cubico) is a leader and global investor in renewable energy with total portfolio exceeding 3.3GW. This acquisition marks its first investment in Greece.

Piraeus Bank announced that it will re-finance Cubico’s acquisition for a total of € 24 million.

The Greek government has announced an ambitious plan to phase out coal-fired energy generation and meet the European Union’s renewable energy targets. The government has formulated an Energy and Climate Plan with a target of generating 32% of final energy consumtion in Greece by 2030. This is estimated to require further RES investments of € 35 billion.

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