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Ethiopian Textiles Sector Training Navigator Consulting

Ethiopian Textiles Sector Training Programme

Navigator Consulting organised a 2-week textiles sector training programme in Greece for ACP-EU Centre for Development of Industry and the Hellenic Organisation of Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Greece.

The project involved training 17 representatives from Ethiopia in market trends, quality management and production management through a mixture of classroom training and company / institutional visits. A total of 9 Greek companies were visited for factory training, and a total of 7 commercial inquiries were received during the course of the programme.

The Ethiopian Textiles Sector Training Seminar took place in Athens between 4 - 15 May 1998. It was attended by 14 Ethiopian public and private sector companies as well as be representatives of the CDI Antenna in Ethiopia, the Ethiopian Authority for Standardisation and the Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The seminar was held at the Training Centre of the National Mortgage Bank of Greece on Vass. Georgiou Street 41 - 43, and included a total of 4 days classroom training and 8 days of field visits and on-site presentations.

The following Ethiopian companies participated in the seminar:

1. A & Z Trading
2. Adei Ababa Yarn Factory
3. Akaki Textile Factory
4. Almeda Textile & Garment Factory
5. Arba Minch Textile Factory
6. Awassa Textile Factory
7. Beki Agricultural Development
8. Birale Agricultural Development
9. Debre Berhan Blanket Factory
10. Dire Dawa Textile Factory
11. Edget Yarn
12. Ethiopian Fiber Products Factory
13. Kombolcha Textile Factory
14. Meher Fiber


In addition, three organisations participated:

15. Ethiopian Authority for Standardisation
16. Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
17. CDI Antenna, Ethiopia


The Hellenic participants included:

  • Hellenic Leather Centre SA (ELKEDA)

  • Clothing Textile and Fibre Technological Development S.A. (CLOTEFI)

  • Schiesser-Pallas GmbH / Palco-Schiesser S.A.

  • Symeonides S.A.

  • Katsikeas Group

  • A. Memnon Textiles S.A.

  • Evcot (Mihas) S.A.

  • Lincot (Linardoutsos) S.A.

  • Selected Textile Industries Association S.A. - STIAFILCO (Epilektos)

  • Naoussa Spinning Mills S.A.

  • Naoussa Textile S.A.

  • Iltex  S.A.

  • G. Bourlai  & Sons S.A.

  • Panotex  S.A.


The major topics addressed by the seminar were:

  • international trends in the Greek and European markets

  • modern production methods and requirements

  • potential for product development, including innovative techniques in dying and splicing

  • quality management at the production line and company level

  • raw materials sourcing and selection.


This training, with related factory tours, has enabled Ethiopian companies to gain a better understanding of modern factory management. In the final day of the seminar, the companies offered a comprehensive analysis of their training and technical needs.

In addition to classroom training, the seminar afforded the participants the following opportunities:

  • contacts and demonstrations and two textiles quality testing institutes

  • factory tours of 9 leading companies

  • meetings and presentations with 7 Greek companies interested in commercial development


The end commercial / investment results of this seminar are:

  • Three Ethiopian companies expressed interest in importing materials from 3 Hellenic companies (acrylic yarn, acrylic waste, spare parts for ginneries)

  • Six Hellenic companies requested samples from Ethiopian companies, and are interested in forming commercial relationships

  • One Hellenic company has expressed interest in investing with an Ethiopian company in the field of cotton ginning

  • Two Ethiopian companies have requested Hellenic technical assistance in the field of ginnery management and oil mill development, as well as management assistance for knitting plant operations

  • In a related development, one Hellenic fruit processing company expressed interest in examining the potential for a joint venture with the two Ethiopian farming participants.


Additional important developments included:

  • Widespread press and media interest in the event

  • The interest of Hellenic textiles organisations, companies and individuals in supporting and promoting Ethiopian companies and products

  • The identification of technicians and scientists interested in providing further assistance to Ethiopian companies.

EU-ACP Centre for the Devleopment of Industry (CDI)

Date of Engagement:
May 1998

Countries of Operation:
Ethiopia, Greece

Business Function:
Human Resources

Business Sector:

Industry & Manufacturing, Textiles & Garments

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