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MailChimp is a cloud-based emailing application that includes free usage for up to 2000 email addresses and 12,000 emails per month. It allows its users develop newsletters and in this way to promote company’s services, products and activities.


1-day in-company training course

1-day preparation and follow-up


Course is delivered in-person or online

Instructor: Philip Ammerman

Pricing: Upon Request, depending on number of participants, degree of customisation, and travel




Mastering Online Marketing: Effective Emailing Campaigns training will provide you the detailed guidelines how to master the use of online mailing campaigns and newsletters using MailChimp programme.


This training programme will provide you tips on how to:


  • assess and develop effective communications with different customer groups

  • develop effective customer databases;

  • improve financial performance via online selling, branding and customer loyalty;

  • understand the concept of the sales funnel.

At the end of the training you should be able to:


  • Create a free MailChimp Account

  • Create a mailing list or recipient database using MS Excel by exporting contacts from different applications and formatting them

  • Create a mailing list in MailChimp, including adding segments

  • Create a keyword-optimised special offer and company news article for posting on their website

  • Develop a graphic newsletter on MailChimp, linking back to the company website (or other website)

  • Send and evaluate newsletter results.



Participants are invited to bring laptops to follow along with the training programme using live examples.




  • Introduction to Email Marketing: the main reasons for sending emails to customers.

  • Gaining Permission to Market: the legal background towards email marketing.

  • Developing the Mailing List: the means by which mailing lists, or database, can be developed using MailChimp and a range of other sources.

  • Case Study: Developing a Mailing List. Participants will be asked to create a free account on MailChimp.


  • Creating Online Content: how to write effective online content.

  • Case Study: Developing a Press Release (Corporate News). Participants will be asked to write a 200-word press release using MS Word.

  • Email Analytics: Bounce Rate, Email open rate, Email click-through rate, most active users and regions, user ratings in the customer profile, how to improve the open and click-through rate.

  • Conclusions




  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): protecting your customer’s personal data.

  • Creating an Online Newsletter. We will create an online newsletter using MailChimp.

  • Case Study: Developing a Newsletter. Participants will generate their newsletter format using MailChimp.


  • Finalising, Sending the Online Newsletter. Participants will be asked to send either a demo email or an email to an “internal” segment of customers so we can review the results and view the email in an email client.

* Participants who have access to their company’s website content management system will be able to post the content created during the training. Those who don’t will be able to send it to their web designers for posting at their own time schedule.


** No computer programming is required. A Facebook-style level of computer use is required.


We will take half a day to prepare for the training together with you. This includes introducing ourselves, discussing the key aspects to be delivered during the training, understanding what should be included in the training, and discussing data and confidentiality. 


A few days following the training, we will implement brief exit interviews with the trainees and outline what the next steps should be within your firm to implement effective emailing campaigns and to find out how successfully company puts the knowledge received during the training into practice.


All managers who complete the training will be awarded Certificates of Participation. These can be co-branded with your company's logo. 


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Philip is a consultant, entrepreneur and investment advisor who has advised start-ups, investors and enterprises on digital disruption, internationalisation and investment-led growth since 1994. He is founder of Navigator ConsultingNumenor Capital and the Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Philip started his consultancy career in 1992. He supported the first wave of disruption in sectors such as banking and travel between 1995 and 2000, when the first crash took place. 


In parallel, he supported “real economy” investments, primarily in industry and manufacturing, that took place in Greece, Central & Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. He has advised on over 220 investment transactions, (including M&A, loans and restructuring) with a total investment value exceeding € 6 billion.

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