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Strategic Training Programmes

Since 1996, NAVIGATOR has supported the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry in developing and implementing a management development programme for SMEs, entrepreneurs, semi-governmental organisations, and companies.

This includes (a) identification of training needs, based on emerging competitive and regulatory pressures; (b) definition of customized training programmes, (c) implementation of dual training and consultancy programmes. The training utilises an action learning approach and is designed to lead to real results within a short period of time.

Each year, between 4 to 6 projects are implemented, lasting approximately 2 months. A total of 925 managers from over 460 institutions and companies have participated. Indicative programmes include:

  • Product Liability: The New EU Legal Regime
  • Competition Policy: The New EU Legal Regime
  • Intellectual Property: The New EU Legal Regime
  • The EU New Approach/CE Certification for Building Materials
  • The EU New Approach/Product Quality and CE Marking
  • The EU New Approach/Electro-magnetic Compatibility (EMC)
  • The EU Regime for Agricultural and Food Product Safety and Hygiene
  • The EU Common Fisheries Policy: Operational Impact on the Cyprus Aqua-culture Sector
  • European Strategies: Offensive and Defensive Strategic Planning in the EU
  • Scenario Planning and Business Forecasting
  • Lean Sales: Using the Toyota Production System to Improve Salesforce Manage-ment and Performance and Supply Chain Management
  • eMarketing Tactics and Strategies for Cypriot Firms
  • eCommerce Integration of Customer Relationship Management and Supply Chain Management
  • Customer Relationship Management: Gaining Profitability and Market Share through Analytical and Tactical CRM
  • Successful investment management in CE Europe and the Former Soviet Union
  • Strategic Development of the Cypriot Wineries Sector in the European Union
  • Growth and Development Strategies for the Cyprus Tourism Sector

Services Provided

  • Training needs analyses and surveys at individual, corporate and sectoral levels;
  • Regulatory analysis: impact of the Acquis communautaire on Cypriot companies;
  • General competitive analysis: EU accession, globalisation, WTO, shifting supply chains, technological change, consumer trends;
  • Curriculum development, focusing on action learning, cases from EU firms, and up-to-date sectoral and business process best practise;¬†General training and in-company training sessions; Action Learning;
  • Counselling, mentoring and coaching of individual managers; mnagement development;
  • In-company consultation and analysis, including strategic analysis, data analysis;
  • Monitoring and impact assessment;
  • Corporate analysis, consultancy and performance improvement