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Navigator Consulting co-founds the European Working Group of Innovation Consultants

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Navigator Consulting is honoured to announce the foundation of the European Working Group of Innovation Consultants (EWGIC). EWGIC was created in Brussels on 24 September 2019 by a group of leading consultancies to support professional project management in the European Union’s research and innovation programmes.

Brussels: 27 November 2019

The European Working Group of Innovation Consultants (EWGIC) is an association of leading consultancies and research organizations focusing on innovation in Europe. The EWGIC Manifesto dedicates its members to professional project management for EU research and innovation programmes.

It proposes the following measures for the effective strategic management as well as professional administrative and financial management:

  • Recognize the impact of a real expertise in management;

  • Improve the quality of project outcomes by promoting good project management practices;

  • Develop best practice in managing EU research and innovation projects;

  • Avoid conflicts of interest between contractors and subcontractors;

This initiative aims to gather future European project stakeholders willing to maximize the success of such project by considering professional project management as a key success factor.

For further information, please contact:

Philip Ammerman

Managing Director


European Working Group of Innovation Consultants

27 December 2019

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