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Navigator completes Digital Transformation training in Nicosia, Cyprus

Digital Transformation using Project Management Techniques in Cyprus Navigator Consulting Group


Navigator Consulting completed a two-day training programme on Digital Transformation at the Nicosia Chamber of Commerce & Industry.


Digital transformation refers to converting work processes, activities and business models to meet digital economy requirements until the company is a fully networked digital organisation. This process is of vital importance in Cyprus, given that digital transformation is necessary from a number of viewpoints:


  • Cypriot enterprises can achieve higher competitiveness and lower costs by migrating business processes online for more rapid delivery and more accurate results;

  • Cypriot enterprises can move closer to customer requirements, particularly in the service industry, where international clients are setting new standards for service delivery.


In the two-day training seminar, corporate executives learned the basic methodologies and potential of digital transformation and digital project management using waterfall and agile methods. The seminar included the following topics:


  • Digital Transformation Trends and Forecasts

  • Digital Transformation Strategy at the Corporate Level

  • Selecting and Priortising Digital Transformation Initiatives

  • Principals of Digital Project Management  

  • Waterfall Project Management

  • Agile Project Management

  • Digital Outsourcing and Contracting

  • Using Online Project and Team Management Software

  • Digital Transformation in Marketing and Sales

  • Long-Term Planning, Budgeting and ROI


Navigator’s Digital Transformation training is unique in that it combines demonstrations of platforms such as Asana, Bitrix24, Jira, Zoho Sign, Zoho CRM, Synthesia, the Meta Advertising Platform and other digital tools as examples of digital tools that can be trialed and implemented.


Some 16 Cypriot managers, executives and owners attended the training representing 11 companies drawn from a cross-section of the Cyprus economy:


1.     The Open University of Cyprus;

2.     A leading international bank providing a full spectrum of banking services in Cyprus;

3.     A leading pharmaceutical manufacturer with exports to over 60 countries;

4.     The fastest growing Telecommunication provider in Cyprus;

5.     A construction management company with over 80 years of experience;

6.     An engineering group providing technology, engineering advisory and consulting;

7.     A Cyprus manufacturing company active in thermoplastic injection;

8.     A leading consultancy and market research agency in Cyprus;

9.     A leading hotel group operating in Ayia Napa;

10.  A highly innovative startup providing a multivendor loyalty programme in Cyprus;

11.  A leader in the power generation and management software sector.


The training programme is followed by a one-day individual company consultation for each participating company in Cyprus. The consultation visits are adapted to fit individual and specific needs of every company.


Our in-house consultations will be underway through February 2024.


For additional support, training or consultancy on digital transformation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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