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Health Measures in Place during CCCI / Navigator Training Programmes

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

We understand that many training participants may have questions about the health and hygienic measures to be followed during the CCCI / Navigator training programmes. Please be aware that we have chosen the CCCI facilities in Nicosia because they provide a large training room, to which we will have exclusive access, as well as a controlled access into the building.

The health and hygiene measures we will be following include: 

  1. The maximum number of participants is limited to 21 people;

  2. The participants will be thermally measured upon entering the CCCI building;

  3. Participants will be given disposable 3-ply face masks;

  4. Participants will sit at a distance of 2 meters from each other in the room;

  5. There will be antiseptic solutions inside and outside the programme room;

  6. The seminar room, toilets and other common areas will be regularly disinfected;

  7. There will be systematic and adequate ventilation of all areas that will be used by participants (training area, toilets and common areas)

For more information or clarifications please contact 

Ms. Zoe Pieridou,

CCCI Officer

tel. 22-889-746 / 22-889-840

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