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Regional Market Analysis, Glass Packaging

The rapid growth of the CIS agri-food sector requires adequate solutions for primary and secondary product packaging. The EBRD engaged Navigator Consulting to review the Ukrainian and Russian markets for glass packaging in light of existing and planned portfolio investments.

Navigator Consulting was commissioned to implement a regional market analysis of demand for glass packaging, as part of a wider investment plan involving the Ukrainian subsidiary of a multinational glass packaging firm.

Our work included:

  • Design and implementation of a consumer marketing survey focussing on retail points. This included 446 consumer interviews in four cities of Ukraine (Kyiv, Lviv, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk) to test overall acceptance of and preference for glass packaging;

  • Development of a B2B industrial customer survey involving 25 interviews in Ukraine and Russia, including major consumers of glass packaging such as Soyuz Viktan, Nemiroff, Russkiy Standart, Masandra, Obolon, BBH, and others;

  • Benchmarketing of major national and regional glass packaging manufacturers, including Consumers Sklo Zorya, Kherson Glass Packaging Plant, Hostomel Glass Company, Rokitnovskiy Glass Plant, Kyiv Glass Packaging Plant and others;

  • Development of a dynamic model for total packaging consumption in Ukraine, with (a) modelling of specific downstream sector consumption (confectionery, beer, alcoholic drinks, etc.) and (b) specific modelling of re-usable and new glass containers: this model is still used by the client today;

  • Analysis of downstream consumption segments such as beer, wine, strong alcoholic drinks, mineral water, condiments, etc;

  • Regional analysis of glass packaging demand benchmarking Ukraine, Russia, Poland and Germany.

The project successfully provided the marketing intelligence and forecasting basis needed for future investment in the plant.

The project report included the following sections:


  • Scope of Work

  • Key Assumptions

  • Project Methodology


Review of the Ukrainian Packaging Sector

  • General Packaging Development

  • Glass Packaging

  • Domestic Production

  • Imports and Exports


Demand for Glass Packaging

  • Beer

  • Vodka and Strong Alcoholic Drinks

  • Wine

  • Alcoholic Ready-to-Drink

  • Soft Drinks

  • Juices

  • Mineral & Table Water

  • Ketchup, Mayonnaise & Other Condiments

  • Preserved Fruits & Vegetables

  • Other Products

  • General Comparisons


National Market Growth Forecasts

  • Glass Bottle, Aseptic Carton, Aluminium Can, PET Bottle Segment Shares

  • Growth Rates

  • Packaging Substitution and Replacement


Data Sets Ukraine

All information relating to this client, the specific investment project and its sponsors collected by Navigator Consulting Group Ltd. during this business plan development project is strictly confidential and will not be released by Navigator Consulting Group Ltd. to any third parties. This information appears here as an indication of Navigator’s consultancy capabilities in this field.

International Financial Institution

Date of Engagement:
April - October 2003

Countries of Operation:
Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Germany

Business Function:
Investment Advisory Services, Marketing

Business Sector:

Industry & Manufacturing, Packaging

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