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Customer Service Fails: COSMOTE Greece

13 November 2014 | Philip Ammerman

COSMOTE is Greece’s largest mobile telecoms operator. In 2013, it had sales of € 1.86 billion and an EBITDA of 34.1%. It also proudly announced that it won the National Award for Customer Service. It is all the more ironic, therefore, that the customer service line on its website—697-101-3838—does not work.

A screen shot of the Greek-language "Communication with COSMOTE" page is seen below. The 697-101-3838 number was tried several times over a period of 4 weeks. It does not work. The corporate client service number, 697-101-3839, also doesn't work.

Cosmote 1.png

The English language screenshot of the same function page.

Cosmote 2.png

One would have thought that an organisation with 15.6 million customers and 2,046 staff would update the international customer service telephone number on its website. Particularly since it won the 2013 National Customer Service Award.

In a highly competitive sector, simple mistakes of this kind should be avoided. Particularly when advertising an organisational commitment to customer service. Keeping continual track of web content and ensuring that customer service lines are accessible is key to basic operations.

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