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Web Application Development

We design and support the development of web applications that streamline and automate work processes, provide greater accuracy and create greater value ecosystems.

With costs and competition rising today, and with customers demanding greater integration with their suppliers and wider value chain, the development of web apps offers significant potential. Data can be hosted either on proprietary servers or using cloud computing, providing for a fast, secure work environment.

Migration to web applications promises:

  • An automated, 24/7 communications and delivery channel with customers

  • Greater value to customers, shareholders / colleagues and other process partners

  • Automated work procedures, enabling you to focus on value-adding rather than routine activities.

We are currently reviewing the development of extremely innovative applications for the shipping and financial sectors.

The scope for web application development is extensive. Some of our solutions include:

MICE & More Event Management System

For MICE & More, a leading destination management company, we defined and developed an innovative online event management system. This enables DMCs, their clients, and individual participants to manage all aspects of a conference online, including:

  • Venue information

  • Scheduling

  • Presentation uploads

  • Participant registrations

  • Arrivals / departures information

  • Transfers, excursions and events management and information

  • Photo album and document centre

  • Speaker profiles, photos, presentations, CVs, etc.

  • Team member profiles


ECN Business Intelligence Ltd.

For ECN, an online community and business intelligence platform, we develop a complex CMS and social media network which includes:

  • CMS modules for procurement, recruitment, subcontracting, consortium offers

  • CMS modules for corporate and individual profiles

  • Online statistics

  • A social networking application with chat, wall posting and onboard messaging service


Hellenic Investments Ltd.

For this sister service of Navigator, we have developed an innovative investment management and opportunity system which includes a series of CMS modules for:

  • Investment Projects

  • Sponsor Profiles

  • Investment Advisors

  • News & Events

  • Business Intelligence.

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