Small Countries in the Economic Crisis

Navigator Consulting Group participated in the Small Countries in the Economic Crisis: Looking for a Way Out Conference held in Barcelona, Spain on May 25-27.

In May 2011, Philip Ammerman was invited to present the economic, financial and political situation relating to the Greek debt crisis at an international conference in Barcelona, Spain. 
Organised under the auspices of Artur Mas and the Government of Catalonia, the conference brought representatives from Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and other countries to discuss issues such as:

  • Sustainability of public debt 

  • Role and necessity of public debt haircuts and public debt restructuring 

  • Role of European Union structural funds and other support 

  • Moral hazard in the European banking sector 

The conference was attended by over 1,000 participants from Catalonia, Spain and Europe. 
At the conference, Philip present a comprehensive investigation of the origins and basic dimensions of Greek public debt, as well as a recommendation for national turn-around and recovery. 
This is focused on 12 main areas for structural reform and investment promotion: 
1.    Public Sector Fiscal Adjustment & Restructuring
2.    Privatisation Programme 

3.    Investment Promotion 

4.    Tax Reform 

5.    Energy Sector Strategy 

6.    Tourism Sector Strategy 

7.    Shipping Sector Strategy 

8.    Property Sector Strategy 

9.    Agricultural Sector Strategy 

10.  Natural Resources Strategy 

11.  Public Sector Restructuring 

12.  Judicial Reform 
The presentation is available for free download here:

Date of Engagement:
May 2011

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