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Parnassos Ski Resort: Tenders for Restaurants & Leisure Facilities

The Public Real Estate Company of Greece SA (ETAD), owner and manager of Parnassos Ski Center, announced two open calls for tender via the website

Athens, Greece: 29 October 2020

These refer to the operating lease for Catering and Leisure Enterprises of the Parnassos Ski Center. The first tender concerns the buildings in the position "Cellars 1750" and "Cellars 1950" and the second in the position "Fterolaka 1850" and in the position of the lift "Bacchus 2250".

The duration of each lease is four ski seasons with the possibility of extension for another four. Tenders are conducted in accordance with the provisions of the lease, rental contracts, concessions, sales, exchanges, purchases and contributions of ETAD SA.

Further information is available on .

Deadline for submission of documents:

Monday, 9 November 2020. 12:00 Greek time.


The Offices of ETAD SA, Voulis 7 Syntagma, Athens.

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Philip Ammerman

Managing Director


Greek Travel Pages. 29 October 2020

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