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Omnichannel Marketing Training in Cyprus

Training Programme

2 Days + In-Company Consultation

Nicosia Cyprus: Hilton Hotel: 15-16 March 2022

Training is free (except for VAT) for all employees and employers eligible for participation in the Cyprus Human Resources Development Authority (HRDA) training programmes.

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This post-COVID recovery period holds special challenges for Cypriot suppliers. As inflation rises, consumer fatigue has taken hold in many industries. Despite a rebound in consumer spending, the increases in prices, the conflict in Ukraine and higher taxes are going to affect spending in 2022 and onwards.

Today, Cypriot companies need to:

a. Ensure that Cypriot and international customers are offered a seamless and high-quality sales experience through online and in-person sales channels;

b. Ensure that the appropriate value is provided to the appropriate customer segment or audience (this includes value for the vendor as well as value for the customer);

c. Ensure that a complete range of marketing and sales activities can be effectively deployed while tracking ROI across each activity, campaign and channel.

In order to respond to this challenge, we have adapted two marketing approaches to the challenges and opportunities of the 2022 Pandemic recovery. These include:

  • Omnichannel Marketing: the process of providing an integrated and strategic customer experience to customers across multiple communications and sales channels;

  • One-to-one Marketing: the process of defining a highly-focussed and segmented sales approach for small groups of customers: these can actually be single customers, or micro-niches of customers, or segments.

Both approaches are adapted to the analytical and return-on-investment (ROI) techniques available to any Cypriot enterprise capable of using tools such as Google Analytics, Google Console and other conversion or analytical technology.

In the services sector, service providers such as accountants, lawyers, consultants, property agents, architects and others need to assess clients not only on the proclaimed value of the front-end transaction but on the lifetime value of the client, the referral value of the client, and the client’s ability to generate additional income.

The same applies to geographic markets: service providers can no longer afford to implement “saturation marketing” techniques: going to each trade fair or exhibition without more careful targeting, analysis and return-on-investment focus.

Day 1: Introducing Omnichannel One-to-One

Introduction: Marketing after COVID

· Impact of COVID on key macro indicators and economic sectors

· Review of 2020; forecast for full year 2021; forecast for 2022

· Impact on consumer behaviour in Cyprus and elsewhere

Understanding Customer Behaviour

Customers behave in vastly different ways. It is important for Cypriot enterprises to be able to “see” this behaviour in ways which standard sales programmes or ERPs do not allow. We will spend this module “learning to see”:

  • Understanding historical sales and profitability, including net profitability after cost of service

  • Understanding segmentation methods including niches, micro-niches and segments of one

  • Developing new forms of price / offer-driven segmentation methods

  • Developing new forms of non-price offers and segmentation (especially for families)

  • Assessing and contrasting consumer psychology in store and online.

We will use several tools and methods here including:

  • Pareto and historical Pareto Analysis

  • ABC, Hybrid ABC and other models

  • The Miller-Heimann Strategic Selling Approach, as applied to B2B and B2C segments

  • The 4-personality sales model (assertive, amiable, expressive, analytical).

Morning Coffee Break

Buyer Personas Workshop

The class will split into eight groups: four buyers and four sellers (possibly more, depending on the number of participants, segmentation and other issues. Each group will be asked to brainstorm how a buyer in a specific persona would operate: assertive, amiable, expressive, analytical. They will also develop a marketing message from each buyer group corresponding to each seller group.

The Strategic Marketing Framework

We will review the strategic marketing framework to inventory all marketing types, including their COVID impact, effectiveness and partial budgeting information:

We will also look at the campaign management cycle (which will build into an individualised action plan for each enterprise):

  • Setting objectives

  • Defining audiences, audience size and messaging

  • Selecting channels and tools

  • Content and messaging

  • Campaign management, prices and ROI

  • Campaign evaluation

Lunch Break

Omnichannel Marketing

This module will present the omnichannel marketing process as suited for the COVID recovery era. The following topics are included:

  • Putting the customer (and customer segment) at the centre of the process

  • Defining value, messaging and special offers

  • Transmitting the offer across multiple channels

  • Ensuring a seamless customer experience and message across channels

  • Integrating above-the-line, below-the-line and online sales, promotion and fulfilment

  • Ensuring fulfilment quality

  • Measuring the results

Afternoon Coffee Break

Technology Review

Review of free or freemium online tools for online one-to-one and omnichannel marketing. The following tools will be reviewed:

  • Google Analytics

  • Google Keyword Finder

  • Google Trends

  • Google Console

  • Google Adwords

  • Facebook Advertising

  • ZohoCRM or Mixpanel (or similar programs)

  • Mailchimp

These tools have been selected because they represent state of the art, are free and can be used effectively to segment customers, implement marketing campaigns and measure ROI.

Day 2: Action Planning & Technology

Foundations of One-to-One Marketing

The day will start with the foundations of one-to-one marketing together with developing tightly-defined customer segments and experimenting with marketing messages, channels and offers. Training topics include: