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Navigator supports the Athens Innovation Forum

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Navigator supported the Athens Innovation Forum, which was held in Athens on November 25th, 2016.

The Athens Innovation Forum was part of a 2-day Forum d’Athenes, the French – Hellenic Business and Innovation Forum.

The Athens Innovation Forum featured over 78 presentations and networking with leaders in tech start-ups, innovation, business clusters, universities, research institutes and other participants, including:

  • Economics Unversity of Athens

  • Foundation for Research and Technology (FORTH)

  • Demokritos Research Centre

  • University of Lorraine

  • Athens Centre of Research

  • National Technical University of Athens

  • Ecole des Beaux-Arts d’Athènes MultimediaLab

  • La Recyclerie

  • Darwin

  • Institut des Futurs Souhaitables

  • Found.ation

  • The Camp

  • Ashoka

  • Impact Hub

  • Hello Tomorrow

  • Startup Greece Awards

  • National Bank of Greece – Business Seeds Programme

  • Action Finance Initiative

  • KissKiss BankBank

  • G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance

  • YES European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs

  • Hellenic Start-up Association

  • Corallia Cluster

  • Patras Science Park

  • Mindspace

  • Think Biz


  • My Human Kit

  • Decode Fab Lab

  • Wise Greece

  • Maker Space Athens

  • Blood-E

  • Odyssea

  • A.I. Mergence

  • Powidian

  • Awabot

  • GMI-Aero

  • Terranis / TerraSpatium

  • FabSpace Project

  • Histovery

  • Unéole

  • Solidarity Mission

  • Higgs

  • GivMed

  • Heliix

  • XiLabs

  • Travelgems

  • Gridmates

  • Timescope

  • Orange Grove

  • Club Ademe International

A key outcome of the Athens Innovation Forum was the signature of the Franco-Hellenic Innovation Forum, which Navigator joined.

We are currently working to support further bilateral initiatives between France and Greece in the field of technology, research & development, innovation and entrepreneurship.

For additional information, please visit the Forum website.

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