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Navigator Consulting is recruiting an EU Programmes Executive

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Navigator Consulting is recruiting an EU Programmes Executive with a focus on Human Resources and Training Development.

Limassol, Cyprus: 22 February 2021

Navigator Consulting is a multi-functional consulting firm focusing on supporting the process of strategic change. Whether this relates to digital transformation or to the process of investing to create new competitive advantage, we take a scientific approach to business consulting.

A key support function that we offer to clients as well as to our internal consulting practices is access to donor-funded and public resources. The focal point of our work is decentralised or national EU-funded programmes, including Interreg, Structural Funds, Erasmus+ and others.

In order to strengthen our capacity in this sector, we are recruiting a full-time EU Programme Executive. This position is expected to:

1. Understand and contribute to our strategic development priorities;

2. Implement regular scanning of procurement opportunities;

3. Manage applications to programmes using a cluster-based and thematic approach;

4. Project management and monitoring for approved programmes;

5. Managing knowledge and state-of-the-art;

6. Managing our network of related partners, which include universities, research institutes, chambers of commerce and consultancies.

Our thematic approach includes the following interests:

1. Human capital development and management, expressed through training programmes, sectoral-based upskilling, vocational education and training, higher education, and training needs assessment;

2. Digital transformation and migration of sectors, companies and institutions into digital areas;

3. Environmental sustainability, from technology to applied management systems;

4. Better management methods and practice, including for companies, business clusters, universities, research, and others;

5. Research, technological development, entrepreneurship and innovation across different sectors.

We are looking for the following competencies and qualifications for this position:

1. Master’s degree or higher educational qualifications;

2. Superlative writing and communications ability;

3. English and ideally Greek language; additional main EU languages (French, German, Spanish, Italian) would be an advantage;

4. Experience in applying for and managing EU and other donor-funded programmes;

5. Familiarity with EU Project Cycle Management, including financial reporting and management;

6. A results-oriented approach towards business;

7. The ability to work individually as well as in a team.

Underlying this description is the following set of core values.

  • We are a results-oriented organisation. Each and every staff member is expected to take personal responsibility for their work.

  • We work strategically based on work priorities that are clearly expressed and resourced.

  • We exist to create value. We do not invest our time, that of our clients, or that of public institutions, in “make work” or bullshit projects.

  • We implement projects to achieve tangible results. These are expressed in our development strategy. When projects achieve results, we continue and co-fund them within our business incubator.

  • We believe in excellence and invest towards this end.

  • We learn from success and failure. We tend not to repeat failure.

We offer:

  • A competitive salary;

  • A bonus based on successful applications and successful project completion;

  • Flexible working time: While your initial schedule will start in our office, we can define a flexible worktime once you are fully onboarded and involved in our work;

  • A healthy office and working environment with regular working hours, clear reporting procedures, and respect for each individual;

  • Additional vacation time;

  • Travel supplement and other benefits;

  • Extensive opportunities for travel within Europe.

This is a partner-track position: successful managers who prove their ability to consistently deliver results have the opportunity to become co-owners of our firm.

If you are based in Nicosia, or another city in Cyprus, or outside Cyprus, we can discuss relocation packages or other methods of securing your involvement in our firm.

Please note that our office in Limassol is a non-smoking environment. Our primary work language is English.

This practice will be expanding over the next 3 years.

Interested candidates are invited to submit their CV and a cover letter by 15 March 2021 to:

Please include a list of project titles, programmes and, if possible, project websites that you have worked on.

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