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Navigator Consulting Group expands in Poland

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Navigator Consulting Group today established Navigator Consulting Partners, in Poznan, Poland.

Navigator Consulting Partners will concentrate on expanding our range of consultancy services to business clusters, manufacturers and other key target groups in Poland.

In addition, we plan on expanding our in-house Business Incubator in Poland, primarily the technical functions of Fulcrum, a new start-up, and ECN (European Consulting Network), which launched in September 2011 and today has over 4,700 members.

The decision to open a branch in Poland was made after four years of consultancy experience in Poznan and work on with numerous Polish companies, business clusters and institutions. The most recent project in Poland is our project Strengthening of Business Management in Economic Networks (SeBPEN), which occurs in Poland and Lithuania.

About Navigator Consulting Group

Founded in 1995, Navigator is an international consultancy, which specialises in strategic corporate development and investment advisory, with a focus on emerging or transition and frontier economies.

Our main offices are located in London and Athens, with associates and offices in Limassol, Istanbul, Dublin, Poznan and Kaunas. Navigator specialises in six core areas:

  • Strategic Development

  • Investment Advisory Services

  • Marketing Strategy and Analysis

  • Human Resources Development

  • Internet Advisory Services

  • Business Incubation

To learn more about Navigator Consulting Partners in Poland, please contact:

Philip Ammerman, Managing Partner


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