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Navigator completes training on Turn Around Management in Cyprus

Navigator Consulting delivered a 2-day training programme on Turn Around Management and Financial Crisis Management for SMEs in Cyprus. Led by Philip Ammerman, the training was attended by 14 small enterprises representing a cross-section of the Cypriot economy.

Nicosia, Cyprus: 15 March 2021

The training held online on 9 – 10 March 2021. It was organised in cooperation with the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Representatives from 14 small enterprises attended the training.

This 2-day training programme has been developed by Navigator Consulting Group based on 26 years of consulting in highly challenging environments. It incorporates well-known methods such as the turn-around curve, Porter’s Value Chain, Porter’s Competitive Advantage, certain aspects of lean management, risk analysis and classic financial modelling and analysis.

The following turn-around management topics were covered:

  • Financial Crisis: Types and Impacts

  • Risk Management

  • Modelling and Analysing Strategic Corporate Operations

  • Basic Corporate Finance

  • Measuring the Cost of Sales

  • Turn-Around Management Diagnosis

  • Customer Segmentation and Pathways to Change

  • Optimising Production and Industrial Operations

  • Turn Around Management Planning: Summary of Measures

Along with the theoretical background information, participants were introduced with the Case Studies on Customer Segmentation & Salesforce Performance Incentives and Production Cell Development and others.

The training will be followed by company visits with a purpose to consult companies how key principles of Turn Around Management/Financial Crisis Management could be adapted to each participating company.

The training was delivered by Philip Ammerman. Philip is an experienced consultant and entrepreneur who has advised companies through a series of catastrophic downturns as well as high growth periods. He has worked through the 1998 Russian sovereign debt crisis, the 1999-2000 dot com crash, the 2000 stock market crash in Cyprus, the 2008 banking crisis, the 2010-2018 Greek debt crisis, the 2013 Cyprus bail-in crisis and the current COVID-19 Pandemic. He has advised on over 220 business plans, corporate restructurings, mergers and recovery plans worth over € 6 billion.

For further information, please contact us.

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