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Navigator co-founds Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

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We stand at the crossroads of massive technological change.

In terms of digital technologies, the price of technology and user adaptation has mainstreamed the digital experience. Millenials are now “digital natives”. Entire business sectors, such as travel or banking, have been transformed. Other sectors, such as accounting, legal services, financial technologies and professional services, are following suite. The next five years will see massive impact as the Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, the semantic web, big data and artificial intelligence reach a tipping point and being a third wave of digital transformation.

In terms of medical technology, advances in genetic therapy and gene splicing will soon change the very fabric of humanity. Genetic therapy will enable longer life spans and cures to diseases that were previously deemed impossible.

In terms of materials sciences and nanotechnology, new applications are being developed that will radically change everything from highways to buildings. These will be further accelerated by integration of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies, such as Tesla’s solar roof tiles.

With these changes in mind, Navigator Consulting has co-founded the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Based in Cyprus, CIE is intended as an Ideas Laboratory.

Our objective is to formalise and upscale the premises of the Navigator Entrepreneurship Charter: Our commitment to launch or support one new company per year from 2010 – 2020.

CIE will:

  • Act as a business incubator and accelerator

  • Provide from-concept-to-prototype services for our own start-ups and others

  • Take good ideas to the point of business launch and beyond

  • Provide support to early-stage start-ups

  • Provide consultancy services and advice to entrepreneurs, innovators and institutions worldwide.

Our competitive advantages in this field include:

  • Actual tech start-up and investment experience from 2010 onwards

  • In-depth analysis of start-up financial modelling and forecasting

  • In-house state-of-the-art web development expertise via Navigator Digital

  • An international network of science and research institutes, incubators, accelerators, business clusters and other partners, including in key markets such as the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

Our activities will start in early 2017. Further information will be posted on the CIE website and here.

For further information, please contact:

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