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Navigator arranges EUR 450,000 in trade finance for a Turkish electronics distributor

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Navigator has successfully supported our client, a leading Turkish importer and distributor of high-end consumer electronics and stereo equipment, in arranging a EUR 450,000 working capital credit line.

The working capital was secured from an international bank headquartered in Milan, in the form of a letter of credit provided to our client’s supplier.

The transaction was completed within 15 days in order for our client to take advantage of special pricing on shipments from their supplier.

The small finance amount and the need for extensive coordination between the bank, our client and their supplier (a US multinational with European operations based in The Netherlands), comprised particular challenges in arranging the transaction.

This deal strengthens our ability to provide advisory services involving small financial amounts, and furthers our work in Turkey, an emerging market where traditional banking services do not support smaller companies to the extent required.

Please contact Philip Ammeman or Janna Fortmann for more information:

Janna Fortmann:

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