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Effective Web Design and Online Promotion in the Cyprus Wineries Sector

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On March 9-10, Navigator Consulting Group delivered a blended learning programme on emarketing and web design for the Cyprus wines and spirits sector.

Wine-making has been part of Cypriot history since antiquity. Commandaria, a sweet wine produced in the Limassol region, became famous in the Middle Ages thanks to King Richard and the Crusades. In recent times, Cyprus was known for exports of bulk wine, mainly within the British Commonwealth.

A new generation of wine-makers, however, has led to a dramatic improvement in wine quality, as well as the re-discovery of indigenous grape varieties. Within this context, Cypriot wine makers have been investing in both production and marketing, and have realised the need to promote their products online.

The objective of the programme was to improve the online presence and internet marketing of Cypriot wines and wineries. The two-day training programme was followed by one-day consultations at the participating companies.

The participants include:

  • ETKO

  • KEO


  • Vlassides

  • Zambartas

  • Fikardos

  • Makkas

  • Cyprus Wine Products Council

Training subjects included:

  • Graphic design and layout of winery website

  • Web applications and functionality / content management systems

  • Search engine optimisation in site design

  • Search engine optimisation in keywords, links, page titles, etc

  • Online advertising, including branded advertising and pay-per-click campaigns

  • Return on investment (ROI) of online promotion campaigns

  • Contracting web designers

The training was organised by the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and co-financed by the Human Resources Development Authority of Cyprus.

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