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ECN reaches 3,080 members; EUR 7.9 billion in funding available

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The European Consulting Network (ECN) is an international business intelligence and professional networking service. Launched by Philip Ammerman and Pambos Solomonides in November 2011, ECN provides an innovative, single point of information for European Union-funded grants and tenders.

In addition, ECN develops a marketplace for consultancy services, enabling individual consultants and consultancies to post their corporate profiles and CVs, share recruitment and subcontracting opportunities, check news for EU policies and procurement, and access a database of EU project results.

On September 2nd, ECN reached a historic milestone, with over 3,080 members on board. ECN's members come from over 40 different countries.

A second milestone was reached with the total volume of project and grant funding available. With FP7 Research and Development calls now actively open, ECN has EUR 7.9 billion in procurement notices on our site. This is the first time we have reached this level.

Membership in ECN is available in free and subscription offers.

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