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Cyprus: Speciality Food & Wine Buyers Mission

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29 October - 2 November 2012

Specialist wholesellers, imports, distributors and retailers of traditional and Mediterranean food and beverage products and ingredients from Cyprus are invited to participate in business match-making session and factory visits. All travel expenses for 10 participants from Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Russia and Ukraine are free.

The event will take place from 29 October - 2 November, and is being organised by the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Navigator Consulting Group.

Cyprus has been known throughout history for its high quality foods and drinks. Products such as halloumi cheese, Kommandaria wine, or lountza ham are regional specialities and have gained protected designation of origin status from the European Union.

We invite participants from the target region--Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Russia and Ukraine--to contact us for inclusion in the delegation.

The main product categories supplied by Cypriot companies are

  • Olive oil, olive paste, olives

  • Aromatic herbs, plants, nuts, honey

  • Wines and alcoholic drinks, ouzo, zivania, raki, Kommandaria

  • Mineral water, beverages, fruit juices

  • Dairy products, cheeses, yoghurt, ice cream

  • Processed meat products, hams, sausages

  • Bakery products, rusks (paximadia)

  • Fruits and vegetables

Interested participants of food importers from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Russia and Ukraine are requested to contact us for more information.

Philip Ammerman:

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