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BANA Training: Preparing for Investment Part 2: Friday, 1 October

Preparing for Investment Part 2: Scaling Up your Enterprise

Friday, 1 October, 16:00 - 18:00 Yerevan Time

One of the common difficulties encountered by startup founders, and the investors that want to invest in them, is planning the future growth of the enterprise. Known as scaling up, this growth assumes the launch of a minimum viable product and gaining performance results, known as traction. Traction can be measured in terms of financial results, but also includes the number of users, downloads, installations or other non-financial indicators.

Without understanding the scale up process, startups very often encounter difficulty in terms of justifying their use of funds, and their valuation in future funding rounds.

These elements are critical in terms of modelling growth and preparing for funding.

In this presentation, Philip Ammerman will outline the scale up process in terms of growth, finance and governance. The presentation will include:

· Overview of different funding sources

· Financial and non-financial growth indicators (traction)

· Customer and sales funnel metrics

· Product-market fit metrics

· Capital, PL and cash flow metrics

· Preparing for growth in terms of staff and governance

· Key issues and questions for / by investors.

For further information, please contact us.

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