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12 Firms complete Content Marketing Training in Cyprus

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Navigator recently completed a content marketing and online reputation management training session oriented towards small enterprises in Cyprus.

The world wide web continues to grow at an exponential pace. There are over 30 trillion webpages published, and over 3 billion internet users, and the adaptation rate of new technology and new applications is growing like never before. In this environment, it can be difficult for a small enterprise to allocate the resources necessary to compete online.

With the support of the Human Resources Development Authority, the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry organised a blended learning training programme on Content Marketing and Online Reputation Management. The training took place on 28-29 April, and was followed by full-day company visits for detailed consultations.

The course was specifically designed for small enterprises, and was attended by a cross-section of Cypriot companies.

Topics covered included:

  • Principles of Online Public Relations

  • Strategic matrix for online brand and reputation management

  • Managing Online Public Relations & Branding

  • Creating and Conveying Brand Identity Online

  • How social media amplify PR and brand threats and opportunities

  • Tools for tracking and measuring online news, threats and opportunities

  • Content Marketing Principles and Strategy

  • Content Marketing Architecture

  • Linking online and offline marketing, branding and PR

  • Developing high quality online content

  • Articles, whitepapers, blogs, photographs

  • Technical Copywriting

  • Optimising website pages and content for search

  • Using Google Analytics and Google Webmaster to understand current trends

  • Using Google Adwords Keyword Tool Finder to select keywords

  • Quantitative and frequency analysis of keywords in text

  • Using social media for reputation and brand management and inbound marketing

  • P2P Networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+

  • Graphic and Image Networks: Pinterest, Instagram, Picasa

  • Presentation and Text Sharing: Slideshare, Scribd

  • Video Sharing: Youtube, Vimeo

  • Google Maps and other applications

  • Generating eMail Newsletters and eMail Marketing Tactics

If you are interested in commissioning a training programme of consultation for your company or a group of companies, please contact us.

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