Transfer of Innovative Teaching and Learning Experiential Methods for Management Education

Navigator is supporting a consortium of management training institutions in developing innovative teaching and learning methods.

The specific project aim is to embed case teaching-learning method within Lithuanian, Estonian as well as other partner countries management education through enhancing trainers’ competencies to write and teach using case methods.


Project Consortium comprising:


The overall aim of the project is to transfer and develop innovative experiential teaching-learning methods contributing to the quality of management education.


The project objectives are to:

  • Assess the actual competences of 25 Lithuanian and Estonian trainers for case writing and teaching.

  • Assess management training needs, and specific which case topic should be covered to reflect modern educational needs

  • Train 25 Lithuanian and Estonian trainers on case writing and teaching

  • Develop 5 cases on Lithuanian and Estonian business development topics (2 business development cases and 3 cases on specific management topics). This includes case teaching notes and pilot 5 developed cases training a group of managers on business development.

  • Develop the textbook on case writing and teaching based on the project experience

  • Develop articles and other dissemination materials on case usage in adult education, and to disseminate project results in 2 international conferences


The target groups of the project are: educators & trainers dealing with management education and corporate managers.


The beneficiaries of the project are: Educators and trainers, enterprises, trainer training institutions, training providers, and students.


Navigator’s role is to support the process of corporate analysis, improving the data and “reality” of the cases being developed.


Within this framework, we have:

  • Developed a methodology for in-company analysis;

  • Implemented training-of-trainers sessions in Tartu and Vilnius;

  • Accompanied teams of Lithuanian and Estonian trainers in companies;

  • Supported the case writing process.


Date of Engagement:
October 2008 - October 2010

Countries of Operation:
Lithuania, Estonia, United Kingdom, Greece

Business Function:
Human Resources

Business Sector:

Services, Management Training